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Lumley Castle - Terry and Nick's wedding day

I still remember Terry calling us excitedly on the phone, recommended by a mutual photographer friend of ours to ask if we were free to photograph her and Nick's wedding day in Sunderland and Lumley Castle the following March.  Terry is photography enthusiast herself and a big fan of film photography, she really understands and appreciates the art behind what it is we do which made her and Nick's wedding day such a pleasure to document. 

Lumley Castle wedding photography

I began my day with the girls at Terry's mum's home in Sunderland along with her bridesmaids and paige boy.

I love this photograph of Terry's nephew studying the family photographs, he was looking directly at a beautiful black and white film photograph of Terry as a teenager taken in Sunderland's Backhouse Park by a photographer friend of hers.

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Terry's hairdresser and old friend created her wedding day hair,

Another favourite of mine, a powerful shot of a moment of reflection for Terry minutes before she began to dress for her wedding ceremony.  

While I was with the girls, Nigel went to Nick's family home to join him and his folks as they prepared for the wedding.

The wedding was at St Hilda's R.C Church in Southwick, Sunderland.  Despite the bad weather outside, we were blessed with some gorgeous directional light inside the church which made for stunning photography. 

With everything running promptly and to time, we had lots of time to photograph the guests arriving to church.

The girls arrive and process slowly down the aisle, Nick so tempted to look but resisting the urge to stick to tradition.  It was a beautiful, traditional wedding ceremony in building that had great meaning to them both. 

The signing of the register was a little more dramatic.  The rain had been pouring down outside hitting the roof with some force throughout the ceremony quickly changing to a thunderstorm with a huge clap of thunder just as the first witness began to sign, poor Nick, I will never forget his expression!   

The thunder and rain quickly subsided allowing our happy couple to get to Lumley Castle for their wedding reception without getting soaked.

Terry and Nick with their passion for photography, even the rain and a wet floor was not going to stop them having their photographs taken outside the castle.

They chose deep red and gold for their wedding day decor which while classic and elegant, matched the colouring of the Baron's Hall in Lumley Castle very nicely indeed.

After dinner we explored more of the inside of the castle together creating some dramatic photographs.

They finished the day dancing well into the late evening.

Thank you to you both for allowing us to share your special day with you, it was a true honour to document your moments and we hope that the photographs remind you of what an incredible day it was for many years into the future.